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Chino Hills

Irvine • Arcadia West Covina

Rowland Heights Monterey Park

Cantonese Comfort Food

Congee • Noodles • Rice

粥 • 粉 • 麵 • 飯

Hong Kong BBQ • Dim Sum

燒臘 • 點心


A Taste of Hong Kong

Delicious Food Corner offers quality food that back memories of  the delicious dishes most diners grew up with. From Hainan chicken rice, to beef chow fun, seafood noodles, to cook and homemade rice rolled noodles.  And authentic Hong Kong milk tea and lemon tea.  Whether you are dining alone or dining with friends and families,  stop by for a delicious meal.  Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Breath of Wok (鑊氣)

The essence of our delicious food

Wok Hei is the hallmark of great Chinese cooking.  It is the stir fry cooking style of high heat and fire, use of a iron wok, and a cooking technique that involves constant tossing of the food amidst the flame.  Wok Hei produces a unique subtle smoke and flavor that cannot be achieved at a home or even when using a commercial kitchen. Just like a breath, the flavor lasts but a few minutes  after the dish is cooked and served. 

Hoi Fan Lah!


Monterey Park

2325 S. Garfield Ave.


Everyday  9AM — 9PM

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13110 Yale Avenue

(714) 988-2868

Mon-Thu 10AM — 9PM

Fri-Sun 9AM — 9:30PM
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West Covina    DFC Express

1418 S. Azusa Ave. D2

Everyday 9AM — 9PM

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855 S. Baldwin Avenue


Everyday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Rowland Heights

18908 Gale Ave Ste B


Everyday 8AM-9PM

Chino Hills

13161 Peyton Dr # B


Everyday 9AM — 9PM

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